At TenneT you are well insured for your pension, disability and care.

Your pension
During your employment with TenneT, you are a mandatory member of the ABP Pension Fund Foundation and the ABP pension scheme applies. You do not have to arrange anything else for this, this will be arranged automatically by the payroll administration when you start employment. Information about the value transfer can be found at

  • You build up a pension at ABP for:
      - Retirement pension
      - Disability pension in case you become disabled
      - Survivor's pension: for your surviving relatives if you die/span>
  • There is a maximum pensionable income on which you accrue a mandatory pension with ABP (2024 limit €137,800). This follows from the Wage Tax Act. This limit is adjusted every year.
  • Employees and employers pay pension contributions together. Employees pay 30% of the premium and employers 70%. The employee premium is deducted monthly from your salary. TenneT pays the full premium to ABP.

Group health insurance
You receive a gross contribution of €60 regardless of the health insurer. Are you collectively insured with additional insurance with CZ? You receive another €30 gross on top of that.

Other group insurances
You get a discount on car and home contents insurance at CentraalBeheer.