Extra leave

Holidays and days off
At TenneT we think it is important that you have a healthy work-life balance. That is why you get more leave than with many other employers. Such as 160 hours of vacation days, which you can take until July 1 of the following year. In addition, you will receive 80 hours of extra-statutory leave and 104 hours of ADV days. Nice is not it? This way you can recharge yourself.

These employment conditions are flexible. You can always choose to have the leave paid out in money.

National holidays
You are free on all national holidays in the Netherlands (the exception is Good Friday). Good to know, Liberation Day (May 5) is also a day off at TenneT.

Maternity and parental leave
If you are pregnant, you are entitled to maternity leave of a total of sixteen consecutive weeks. During this period you will receive a benefit equal to your salary. As a parent you are entitled to parental leave. You then temporarily work fewer hours to spend time with your child.

Conditions for parental leave
The most important conditions for parental leave are:
  • You are a parent or caregiver of your biological child, adopted child, foster child or stepchild
  • The child is not older than 8 years
  • If you are a caregiver, the child must be registered at your address
Hours of parental leave
Do you meet the conditions? Then you are entitled to parental leave of 26 times your equivalent working hours. If you have a collective labor agreement and work full-time (38 hours per week), you are entitled to a total of 988 hours of parental leave (26 times 38 hours). If you work part-time, this will yield benefits.