Sports and vitality

Sports contribution
Sustainable employability is of paramount importance to TenneT. Part of this is keeping employees healthy and moving. You are undoubtedly familiar with 'Always Energy', but did you know that all internal employees can also exercise cheaply through TenneT? If you exercise at a gym, the local tennis or football club or another sports club, you may be eligible for a gross contribution of €40 per month.

Terms and conditions

  • A (paid) membership at a gym, club or association that is valid for at least 12 months.
  • You are an internal TenneT employee. Children and partners are excluded.

Bicycle scheme
TenneT wants to encourage its employees to cycle as much as possible and reduce car traffic. If you meet the conditions of the bicycle scheme, you will receive a net contribution of € 360 from TenneT towards the purchase costs of a bicycle. You can also choose to take out an interest-free loan. The minimum purchase amount is €360. Any accessories are also covered by the contribution of € 360 and/or the interest-free loan.