Travel expenses
You receive a travel allowance of € 0.23 per km/m net for the entire commute. Are you traveling for business? You will then receive €0.44 per km/m (€0.23 net). You can also apply for an OV-Business Card for first class.

Lease car (if applicable)
A lease car applies to specific GFO and Lead functions if you drive > 10,000 k/m per year for business or for other functions if you drive > 20,000 k/m per year for business. You can choose from a fixed list of cars, or a budget of €850 (excl. fuel). Because we want to drive more climate-friendly, you get the choice between plug-in hybrid or fully electric.

For more expensive lease cars up to 30% above the standard lease amount, additional costs apply to the employee (under applicable tax conditions). Please note: if there is no private use of the lease car, a declaration of no private use must be requested from de Belastingdienst.