Financial benefits

In addition to your salary, you also receive holiday pay, an end-of-year bonus and an annual bonus. And on January 1, 2025, everyone will receive an increase of 7% on their current salary at that time.

Holiday pay
At TenneT you receive 8% holiday pay on your salary. This falls under the optional budget. Think of this as a piggy bank: this money is set aside for you every month and you choose when and how much of it you want to be paid out. This can be done every month with your salary, every six months or every year. Are you doing nothing? Then it is paid out every December.

End-of-year bonus
On top of the holiday pay you will receive a 6% end-of-year disapproval. This also falls under your budget of choice: choose an annual or monthly payment.

Every April you receive €500 gross.

Note: if you are not in our regular salary scale, other benefits apply.