Technologist Overhead Lines

  • Location: Arnhem
  • Vacancy reference: 7522

Your tasks and responsibilities

Developing and applying technical specifications and solutions (or having them developed) and guaranteeing their technical quality. To this end, acquiring, developing and consolidating technical expertise within a dynamic international field, providing advice and ensuring that technical risks in existing and new OHL connections are covered.
What do you do as an Overhead Line Technologist at TenneT?
You are an expert in your field. Based on your expertise, you closely follow national and international technological developments and translate them into specifications and practical technical innovations. You are also the point of contact for questions and advice on magnetic fields and the mutual influence of lines and cables. The line affects the environment and the environment affects the line. Based on this fact, you are involved in many related questions. After all, design choices for the connection affect, for example, E and M fields, noise, safety for the public, capacity, lifespan and maintenance management. This makes the job varied, both deep and wide and very dynamic. In relation to innovation, you direct and/or contribute to impact studies on the application of new materials or adjustments to structures and equipment. You are a sparring partner for fellow technologists, the project developer, the maintenance strategist, the spatial and environmental strategist and the engineer. You direct the use of the specifications and the transfer and exchange of knowledge. You test basic designs of service providers on the correct use and application of your prescribed specifications. You consult with various disciplines, and plan development assignments.
Most important activities:
- Develops the technical policy by having technical specifications drawn up/developed.
- Directs the application of the technical specifications within and outside the organisation.
- Fulfils an expert role for his/her area of interest within TenneT
- Drafts, approves and maintains technical specifications for the Programme of Requirements for all grids and voltage levels.
- Drafts the technical procurement specifications for tender applications, assesses tenders for accuracy and price and advises Purchasing on the choice of suppliers.
- Tests purchased and yet-to-be-purchased products on the basis of the set purchasing specifications. This ensures the technical quality of the Assets.
- Initiates and supervises innovation proposals and, where these innovation proposals result in successful pilot projects, develops the results into technical standards for projects.
- Checks, on behalf of the Project developer, feasibility studies and basic designs from a technical point of view and thereby assures the quality in projects.
- Advises on the technological solutions to be chosen, has the solutions developed by Service Providers or other service providers if applicable and tests the proposed solutions for quality.
- During the execution of projects, advises in the technical area, signals deviations, intervenes if necessary and suggests solutions.
- Advises the maintenance strategist with regard to management issues.
- You maintain a good relationship and frequent contact within the department which is focused on ownership, connection and courage and builds on open cooperation, knowledge sharing, standardisation and harmonisation.
- Advises Grid Planning and the System Operator on the use of Dynamic Line Rating to minimise the risk on congestion on high loaded overhead lines.

Your profile

  • You have an academic working and thinking level, have completed a course in the field of electrical engineering / energy technology / electro mechanics / mechanics and have a preference for mechanics and materials,
  • You have at least 5 years of experience in high voltage technology (110kV) and have demonstrable experience in the field of connections, lines and cables in high voltage technology,
  • You are thoroughly familiar with the principles, standards and regulations within the high-voltage world and have a demonstrable relevant (international) network,
  • You have a well-developed feeling for numbers and statistics, you know how to value numbers and how to illustrate this with practical examples,
  • Well-developed communication and writing skills, to the point oral presentation and extensive experience with project-based work.
  • You are curious and analytical, show awareness of your surroundings, persuade, judge considered and independent and are visible in the organisation,
  • You have a helicopter view and deliver results, even under time pressure,
  • You show passion for the profession and enjoy displaying your knowledge,
  • You have a good to excellent command of the Dutch and English languages. A good command of German is an advantage.
  • You make an active contribution to a safe working environment for yourself, your colleagues and suppliers
  • Willing to frequently travel and stay in Bayreuth, Germany.

    The technologist reports hierarchically to the head of the department.

We offer

TenneT offers a challenging and responsible function within an innovative and dynamic international working environment. We offer a competitive salary package (job level 8 or 9, €3287 - €7601 gross per month Cao TSO) with excellent secondary benefits (6% end of year bonus, EUR 60,- gross, health insurance allowance, good pension scheme) as well as good training and development possibilities. 
Duty location for this position is Arnhem, The Netherlands. Willing to frequently travel and stay in Bayreuth, Germany.


An assessment can be part of the application procedure. At entry, TenneT performs a Pre-Employment Screening. Candidates from the so called 'pre-mobility group' prevail over other internal candidates €“ when having sufficient capabilities. If anyone from the pre-mobility group applies within the prescribed period, the procedure will first be performed with this candidate.

Further information

The Performance Unit Asset Management TenneT (AMT) is responsible for a future-proof and maintainable electricity infrastructure. AMT steers primarily on risk and performance of the infrastructure. AMT identifies bottlenecks and estimates the risk of these bottlenecks. AMT is responsible for drawing up mitigating measures and prioritizing these measures. Next, AMT commissions the realization of the chosen measures. AMT also tests and accepts modifications to the infrastructure made by Service Providers in line with predetermined requirements and frameworks. In addition, AMT is the owner of the Asset data and Asset documentation.
Asset Technology has the technical governance and determines the technical standards for designing, planning, building, testing and improvement of TenneT’s assets and systems. Focus is on safe operation, standardization, efficiency and a high grid availability.
The department of Cables & Overhead Lines (AMT-AT-CL) creates value for TenneT via developing , improving and (co-)creating technical policy and standards, designs, maintainability concepts and purchasing. This to ensure the proper functionality of assets. By doing this the electricity supply system is able to comply with the desired power transmission in a safe way within the framework of occurring electricity aspects and phenomena and associated power aspects and voltage and reactive power balance.

Contact information

Get in contact with:
Els Boot,
+31 88 936 8325