Master project Applying Data Science at the TenneT DataLab

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Wat doe je als Master project Applying Data Science at the TenneT DataLab bij TenneT?

The TenneT DataLab supports TenneT in dealing with two important developments: On the one hand, the energy transition implies a fundamental change of the way the electricity grid and the electricity market work. To get a grip on this new complexity TenneT has to develop new insights based on data analyses. On the other hand, the digital transformation leads to an enormous rise of data-driven business models in almost all sectors. The introduction of robots, sensors, 3D-printers and much faster internet connections challenge established business models and at the same time offer a lot of new possibilities.

The DataLab is an environment for innovations where data scientists analyse and combine different data sets. The TenneT Data Platform offers access to different data sets ranging from measurements of the electricity grid (that is numerical data) to user comments (that is text data). By means of data analyses new structures and relations can be discovered which enable new insights into the increasing dynamics of the electricity grid and the company management.

The aim of this master project is to combine and optimise large data sets using advanced analytics tools in order to develop visualisations, insights, and predictive algorithms. Depending on a specific business problem and the related data sets a range of data science techniques can be applied within this master project, for example, standard (un-)supervised learning but also natural language processing and deep learning. There are a number of possible problems and approaches, and we can make a choice based on your preferences.

Wat verwachten we van jou?

We expect an enthousiastic student who has some experience in programming or the usage of software packages (Python, R, Matlab) and who is familiar with mathematical modelling. Hence, students of several disciplines may be suited such as physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, data science, artificial intelligence.

Please notice that this internship is for registered student only. You need a licence/visa to do an internship in The Netherlands or Germany. Applications from non students are not taken into consideration.

Wat kun je verwachten?

We will provide you with a challenging project within an innovative and dynamic working environment in which you can combine two exciting fields with each other: the complex world of one of the leading European electricity transmission system operators, who has high ambitions regarding a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity, the integration of the Northwest-European electricity grid, and sustainability. And the exciting world of data science with the application of several smart algorithms in order to analyse and model data and the underlying processes.

Our department is located both at the head office in Arnhem and at the German head office in Bayreuth. At entry, TenneT performs a Pre-Employment Screening.

Waar kom je te werken?

TenneT is Europe’s first cross-border grid operator for electricity. With over 23,000 kilometers of (extra) high-voltage lines and 41 million end-users in the Netherlands and Germany, we rank among the top five grid operators in Europe. Our focus is to develop a North-West European energy market, to integrate renewable energy, and to optimize our safety performance. We take every effort to meet the needs of society by being responsible, engaged and connected. Taking power further.

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