Stephan Hansen: 'I couldn't think of a better start'

Stephan Hansen is currently assigned to the Customers and Markets Department in Bayreuth. “I've always liked combining different fields of expertise and interdisciplinary thinking. This is my first out of three trainee assignments and I couldn’t think of a better start. In my current assignment I work within a task force that is designing and organising a EU-wide tendering for grid stabilisation facilities in the south of Germany.

For that project it is crucial to balance between political interests, the regulatory framework, financial, operational, legal and technical matters plus diverse opinions and concepts of cooperating TSOs. The task force includes lawyers, strategical buyers and engineers like I myself. We also work closely with various other departments within TenneT. That gives me an extensive insight in the various fields and activities within TenneT. The assignment is complex but also positively challenging. It is a fascinating field to work in with short lines to the management. The fact that I am already allowed to work in a project like this says a lot about the company culture and the trust they have in me.”

Growing up in the very north of Germany, Stephan would often go surfing and sailing. Which the area is perfectly suited for due to the high amount of wind in the area. “I have always been keen on outdoor sports and like the forces of nature. When I was young I often wondered why the wind turbines that were increasingly built in my area were stalled even when there was great wind for sailing or surfing. I just didn’t understand why that was happening because there was definitely enough wind for me and the wind turbines. That was when I became interested in energy and the electricity grid. Now, years later, after studying energy economics and power engineering, I understood how complex the energy system is and that stalled wind turbines are only one of many challenges to face in our changing energy system. Working for TenneT gives me the opportunity to face these challenges and to help finding solutions.”

Stephan still enjoys sport and is part of ‘Committed Power’, TenneT’s sports program. “It’s great to get to know many different people and to build a network in an informal way. It also gives me the chance to combine my training and work.” He also enjoys the international atmosphere of the trainee program. “The Dutch/German trainee group gives me the opportunity to develop alongside like-minded people. Sometimes the exercises in the trainee development seminars can get pretty personal. I had to get used to that at first, but it actually helped me to become more aware of personal effectiveness. It helps me to become more conscious of who I am and how I behave in different surrounding conditions. I also really enjoy being part of the trainee group. From the first moment we all got along famously. Everyone is open-minded and has something unique to take from their book. I also found out that there are many musically talented people in the trainee group. So sometimes in the breaks someone would sit down and play some music e.g. piano or guitar and someone else will join in. That creates a special bond beyond work related topics.”

"I couldn't think of a better start"

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