Martin Wevers: 'A company culture where you are given freedom'

When you do a bachelor’s and master’s study in mathematics, you must be crazy about numbers. Martin Wevers is just such a person. After his studies, he ended up at TenneT and is still extremely happy about that. “I am exactly where I want to be. I can, for instance, apply my love for numbers on estimating the balance between the production and consumption of energy. With that, I can basically predict how much energy reserves are needed at a specific moment in order to keep the lights on in The Netherlands. I love those kinds of predictions and calculations, as you can tackle a very practical problem in an abstract manner.”

Besides the fact that he enjoys his work, the company culture and freedom he experiences from colleagues and management suit him really well. “I really enjoy working within a company culture where you are given freedom. It is something that I can handle well and I use that freedom to develop myself. For instance, last week a colleague from another department asked me if I wanted to go to a meeting in Brussels. This meeting was about how much it costs society when there is a power outage. Even though, it doesn’t necessarily precisely match what I’m doing at the moment, I very much enjoy traveling to Brussels to explore the subject. I felt very honoured by the fact that within only half a year, I was given the responsibility of representing TenneT there.”

Besides mathematics, other important factors in his life are traveling and dealing with the world responsibly. Martin worked in the north of Thailand for some time. “I worked for a project to help distribute tourists in a proportional manner across all the different sights and villages in the area, resulting in a situation where humans and nature wouldn’t be taxed too much due to mass tourism. Due to this experience, Thailand has become one of those places in the world where I could easily return to. I have met so many incredible people there.”

The fact that opening himself up towards others is something that comes quite naturally to him, is something that is also visible in the development program with the trainees. “I feel at home there. You don’t know anyone beforehand, but through the exercises and guidance you quickly build up a relationship. These are valuable contact moments and they build the network of my future. Putting all my cards on the table is something that I am getting better at, I wouldn’t mind exploring that area for myself a little bit further. How wonderful to know that there is an employer behind you who encourages you to do so!"

"I am exactly where I want to be"

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